Growing up in a musical family, Roberto developed a strong passion for music early on in life. He was born in Iran but came to Sweden at the age of thirteen. Roberto is an unpredictable and versatile musician who often pays homage to his middle-eastern roots and likes to improvise and surprise his listeners.

Roberto is first and foremost a singer and pianist but he is also an accomplished guitar player. As a side note, Roberto has a well known weakness for fast cars and fancy clothes.

Influence and music style

Roberto moves with gracious ease between music styles and genres.
Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Perry Como are obvious influences as well as more modern artists like John Legend, Michael Bublé, Coldplay and Aviici. Classic hits from the ´80s also has a special place in Robertos heart, reminiscing about his formative years.

Everything is centered around Roberto´s warm and full voice paired with a natural ability to interact with his listeners with great sensitivity.
Music that moves you, positive energy and a strong feeling of nostalgia that makes for an unforgettable evening!